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I’d Like My Education With A Side of Bullshit

December 5, 2011

At first I thought I would start this blog with something more traditional, such as a beginning. Then I saw this post by Georgia Tech professor Aaron Lanternman, which you can read by going to this finely crafted link. The second article in the series can be accessed here.

EDIT: Then Aaron was kind enough to comment below, and that just necessitates a thoughtful reply, which I was beginning to write until he posted a third post in the series. The sheer nerve of the man!

Anyways, I’ll compose my response in a new post so I don’t get into the habit of writing lengthy replies as edits to existing posts.


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the link. I’m honored to be in your first post. And I love the title. 😉

    • Many thanks! I guess I’ll have to post the full response to your articles a little sooner than I anticipated. Let me sleep on it and I’ll be sure to get my thoughts written out by morning.


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